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Letter Writer Got it Wrong

Did Mr. Martin (Estero Bay News 4/8/21) miss the point of Ms. Winholtz’s letter regarding the City’s poor stewardship of our urban forest?City residents, in 1989, sought to enhance our urban forest by becoming a Tree City, USA,...

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Gas Tax Should Maintain Freeways

I am an antique road and street map collector from E-bay and the former, as well as a Facebook group member of the Freeways of Los Angeles Facebook group. I have been doing my research into the development...

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Morro Bay is Still a Tree City

In response to a letter to the editor by Betty Winholtz (Vol. 3, Issue 4) regarding tree removal in Morro Bay, Betty painted an inaccurate picture. She forgot to add why these particular trees were removed. In the case of the 14...

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Kudos for the Police Blotter

I’m a retired technical writer and self- proclaimed humorist that parked my RV in Morro Bay for a week on a first time visit to the area. While visiting one of Morro’s premier laundromats, I picked up a copy of Estero Bay News...

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No Longer a Tree City

When is a Tree City no longer a Tree City? How do you support a Bird Sanctuary without trees?The City of Morro Bay through its sewer construction agents has removed 42 trees when only 25 were approved for removal on this...

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Motel Conversion to Rehab Needs Thought

We have had many serious problems with rehab treatment centers in Orange County. They have even set up in residential neighborhoods in large homes. I don’t know if you will really have 27 to 40 “professional people” or first...

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Assemblyman Cunningham to the Rescue

T he Employment Development Department (EDD) remains a mess and needs a complete overhaul. While we have proposed legislative fixes that could help reform the department, moving through the legislative process takes time. Our...

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Check Out Cambria Rotary

The Rotary Club of Cambria’s Peacebuilders Committee is dedicated to assisting our membership and our community in engaging in dialogue and projects that promote peace at home, in the community and around the world by helping...

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