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About Us

The people of Estero Bay News are your neighbors. We are dedicated to covering the stories that make this community special – local business, schools, news, organizations, and the strong threads that bind our community.

The Estero Bay News is your hometown, community newspaper serving Cayucos, Los Osos and Morro Bay. We publish every two weeks with more than 10,000 copies delivered to all the high-traffic areas in all three towns.

Our Story

The Estero Bay News is produced by a small group of uniquely talented people
sharing decades of publishing experience.

Dean Sullivan, publisher and owner, joined the publishing world in the early 80s working for a small magazine, before the use of desktop computers, in the days of paste-up and darkrooms. In 1989, he started the original Bay News with his friend and partner Cliff Marshall. Cliff stepped away from publishing in 1994, and Dean continued the paper as The Bay Breeze. David Weyrich purchased that paper in 2000 and created a series of papers including The Beach Gazette. That period is now known amongst us as “The Weyrich Nightmare.” When that publication’s controversy caused its demise, Dean resurrected The Bay News with his partner and wife, Shari.

In 2001, Dean and Shari started a sister publication, The Coast News in the
South County, with Theresa-Marie Wilson, managing editor. New partners joined the publication and Dean (temporarily) retired from publishing. Dean also had a hand in starting The SLO City News in 2006 with Chris and Mary Gardner.
When Simply Clear Marketing, formerly Tolosa Press, ceased publishing The
Bay News effective January 1, 2019, the community response made it clear that the closure left a void. Dean, Shari and Theresa-Marie, “T” to most, made the decision to launch the Estero Bay News to continue the strong tradition of
community news within the Los Osos, Morro Bay, Cayucos area.

Theresa-Marie, executive editor, was integral to the launch of The Coast News and continued as that paper’s editor for most of the past 15 years before becoming the executive editor and content strategist for the company and its many publications. Over the last few years, she also handled content creation for social media, and other content marketing needs for local businesses. In her free time, she runs a blog ( dedicating to increasing awareness and adoption rates for black cats.

Shari Sullivan, owner and helper-at-large, is a marketing strategist, designer, mixed media artist, and metalsmith. She’s been designing web sites since the early days (c. 1992), has handled production and design for several publications, and served The Bay News in every capacity other than sales – administration, billing, tech support, production and design, reporting, editing, outreach and community relations. She spends her days as a marketing strategist for Cal Poly, handling marketing strategy and implementation, and consults for the Estero Bay News evenings and weekends.

Neil Farrell has been a journalist covering the Estero Bay Area for over 27 years. He’s won numerous journalism awards in several different categories over his career.

Joan Sullivan has been part of The Bay News since its inception in 1989. She has deep ties with this community, its history and the local arts community.

Paul Irving, music columnist, is the mastermind behind Big, Big SLO and is a
fixture in the local music world.


The Estero Bay News truly is a family endeavor. We all enjoy the newspaper business and love the community we live in. Dean and Shari’s children – Ryan, Connor, and Aly – help with distribution and other tasks. Shari and Theresa-Marie have been friends since sixth grade. Dean’s mother, Joan, is a contributor and helps-out wherever help is needed. We look forward to serving our community.