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Concert Series Will Be Funded

A free concert series begun over the summer and put on by the City and a local non-profit group will get funding after all, which is prompting Estero Bay News to do a follow up article to correct the record. Last issue’s story...


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Police Blotter


Save Morro Bay — Vote for Carla, Zara and Sarah

When will it be enough?  It’s a question we all need to consider.  We live in a quaint, little vintage town, rich in history with a proud local community. We are also the last bastions of an original central coastal town, and we...

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Walking Kherson, Ukraine

By Susan Vasquez  When I hear news about Ukraine, I don’t think of global politics. I think about...


Retired Teachers Give Back Time and Money

hat do retired teachers mean to San Luis Obispo County? More than one might think! For many years or even decades in the classroom, teachers make a difference by being there for their students. When those teachers retire, they...