Submitting a Business Brief

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Is your business supporting our community?

Maybe you’re launching a new business, or you’re making updates to your current business model, or re-opening.

Or perhaps you have a job opportunity, or have been doing some volunteer work, or are collaborating with another business or a non-profit.

Or maybe you know someone who is…

We want to know all about it. Submit the form below to fill us in. We will review your contribution and publish as many briefs in print and online as meet our criteria (must be community focused) that we have room for.

Briefly describe what you’re doing that supports our community. Again, this isn’t the platform to promote a new product or a sale unless it’s a community service.

You have 200 words to knock it out of the park. Don’t forget the who, what, why, when and where of it all. If you have a photo for us, include the file name here and email a 5×7 300 dpi file┬áto the editor.

We will review your info and include as much as we can. While there are no guarantees we’ll have space in print or online to promote every submission (though paid advertising is a space guarantee) we really do want to support your efforts. And, who knows, we may even do a bigger story on you….