Submitting Events, Calendar Listings, Announcements or Press Releases for Publication

Witch Paddle, Morro Bay 2020
Elephant seals on the beach
The Stumblers

We want to hear about your events and ideas!

However, we get inundated with information that individuals, businesses, and organizations submit in hopes of getting publicity for their event, recent success, new service, or appeal for support, and we cannot guarantee space, unless it is a paid for ad. We do try to get as many listings in as possible.

Information should be sent at least two weeks in advance and emailed to

Following a few simple guidelines will increase the odds of your hard work making it out of an overflowing inbox and onto the page.

General Rules

Keep in mind that these rules do not necessarily apply to a company newsletter or flyers where design elements might increase interest. These rules do, however, increase the chances of being published in Estero Bay News.

• Send press releases and listings in the body of the email or attached as a word document.
• Do not send flyers! They require retyping, which we may not have time for and can lead to typos.
• Do not write any word in all capital letters unless it is an acronym.
• Keep all text in the same font, size, and color (black). This prevents us from having to manually change it all, which slows down their process and decreases your chances of publication.
• Do not bold, italicize, or underline random words. Never, ever do all three at the same time — it is way too much pressure on one little word.
• Exclamation points, if you feel you must use them at all, should be used sparingly and only one follows the end of sentence — no one is really that excited all the time.
• Write like a reporter would write. Making your submission an article, not a product pitch, increases your chance of being published. In other words, limit the fluff and include what is newsworthy or important to readers about what you are doing.
• Include contact info. Often a reporter will be inspired by a press release and want to write an expanded article. Make sure the contact person listed on the press release doesn’t start their vacation the same day the release goes out (it happens more than you might think). A reporter will typically want fresh or non-rehearsed quotes from a representative of the organization and additional information.
• Keep the word count to 400-500 words.
• Do not write in first person—unless it has been previously approved.


  • If a photo is included, which is recommended, make sure it is high-resolution, in focus, and well lit.
  • Images should be at least 4″ x 6″ at 300 DPI.
  • Do not send a photo taken by another publication — it belongs to them.
  • Include a caption of who is in the photo and what is going on in the photo.
  • Include credit for who took the photo. Photos without credit will not be used. 

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