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Coffee with Joan 8-26-2021

Coffee With Joan

Joan Sullivan is a Artist, Historian & Author. She is a classically trained artist who discovered a love of history through painting who produced “Picture the Past,” a monthly show featuring local ranches and other areas of historical interest which aired locally for over 10 years. Find out more at

August 26, 2021

When I take time out to peruse the past 95 years I’ve been hanging around, it comes to mind that life happens in chunks of time, which reminds me of the 17 years the California State Archives Foundation commissioned me to create awards for the many services that were given by notable members of our society.

In 2020, I created an award for Richard J. Orsi, professor emeritus, California State University, East Bay. I usually received information along with images relating to the award that I watercolor painted on parchment paper. One of these many awards was done for Richard J. Orsi that included an imager of The Redlands Foothills Groves (2000)

Mr. Orsi, one of several authors of “The Elusive Eden, A New History of California” published in 2020, selected the image from his award for the book’s cover art. Needless to say over those many years I learned a lot of California history creating awards for several organizations including the Society of California Archivists, Society For American Archaeology and the California Preservation Heritage Commission.

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