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February 10, 2022

While traveling by car gets you to your location much slower than by plane, you have the opportunity to enjoy scenery along the way, as it was when my daughter and I went drove to Seattle.

After attending to business and enjoying the world of evergreen trees for several days we started homeward, again taking Highway 5.  

Southward I had more time to observe the names of the hamlets and villages I have never heard of nor visited that included, Travis, Sutsin Parkway, Benicia, Gold Hill, Fairfield, Willow Pass, Dublin, Alcosta, Stone Valley, Danville, Crow Valley, Calaveras, Livorna, Halleyer, Blossom Hill, Vernal, Cayote Creek  Berryessa, Durham. Jacklin, McKee, Bailey, Tully to name a few.   

While I’m sure the towns and hamlets were home to many residents the names were totally foreign to me. I apologize to those residents for being unaware of their existence, which is when I decided to include the unfamiliar names in this column in case readers ever find time to visit these little known (to me) parts of California.

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