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Blame The Kitty

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Each issue, this column will feature one of the BookShelf Writers: Debbie Black, Catherine “Kiki” Kornreich, Judy Salamacha and Susan Vasquez.

January 15, 2022

I sit down to write a verse, but nothing comes to me
I tap a key and glance around the room so absently.
I hear the other keyboards, clacking constantly
Maybe I’ll find a plotline if I turn on NBC?

But no, I can’t distract my fellow writing peeps
They’re so good they even write when I am fast asleep.
I tiptoe past to get another cup of tea to steep
And see them all so focused, their concentration deep.

Then suddenly I hear a croak, a throaty little rasp…
I see a tiny feline nose is pressed against the glass.
She’s giving me the stink-eye, showing me some sass,
I open the door and watch her as she sashays right past.

She goes straight to my buddies and weaves between their feet
And instantly they coo and pet this visitor so sweet.
And just as fast they’re back to typing …never missed a beat
But I’m distracted all to hell, it’s surely time to eat?

I pad into the kitchen, pull out each cupboard door,
When I see the little kitty is quietly on the floor.
Forgetting I was hungry, I scoop this bitty savior
And head back to my laptop to stare at it once more.

The lil calico furball, curls into herself to nap
Her head is on my keyboard, her body on my lap.
And while it’s fun to snuggle this luscious little sap
She really is for me a giant handicap.

I try to work around her, god forbid I make her go.
Sometimes it seems she gets upset, she kinda tells me so.
And once she even hit a key when she stretched out a toe
But I’m still not really writing, this is my status quo.

I’d love to blame the kitty for my failure to write,
But if I were being honest, it’s really my own plight.
If she weren’t curled up purring, all orange, black and white,
I’d blame it on the potted plant that’s in my line of sight.

Catherine “Kiki” Kornreich is a member of The BookShelf Writers. To see more of her work, please visit

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