American Pickers In California

Written by Estero Bay News

December 5, 2020

“American Pickers,” the History Channel’s coolest show will be in California in December, and if anyone’s got a lot of antiques and collectibles (i.e. junk), the show may want to visit with you.
Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are the stars of American Pickers, a documentary series that “cruises the back roads of American looking for rusty gold.”

They bring knowledge, a good eye for the unusual and rare, and they bring lots of cash too wherever they go, and in December the Iowa natives will be in the Golden State.
Frank and Mike are on a mission to recycle and rescue forgotten relics, especially old motorcycles, cars, trucks and items that tell the story of America.

If readers have a collection they’d liked picked — especially in these tight money days of COVID and the death of jobs and livelihoods — they should email the show at:, call (855) OLD-RUST. Or check them out on Facebook at: @GotAPick.

And for anyone who hasn’t seen the show, new episodes air locally at 6 p.m., Mondays on The History Channel.

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