Changes Coming to Cambria Rotary

Cambria Chamber

Written by Jill Turnbow

August 27, 2021

There are big changes coming to the Cambria Rotary Club. Established in 1971, the local organizations is celebrating 50 years of service to the community.

One of the biggest changes, one that has never happened in the past, is that for the next two years, three co-presidents will head up the service club. Patty Griffin, Linda Sherman, and Christel Chesney will each hold the office and share many of the club’s duties. They will each implement the organization’s new motto, “Serve to Change Lives.”

Patty, Linda, and Christel had all been approached about filling the president’s seat but felt they would be even more effective together.

“They make a great team,” said Sue Robinson, community service chair. “They each bring unique skills to the table. And Rotary is about change, so why not! Patty’s energy is uplifting, Linda is excellent with technology, and Christel is really great with outreach and getting things done.”

During the pandemic, the three co-presidents, along with Miguel Sandoval from San Simeon Beach Bar & Grill, were instrumental in ensuring the regular weekly meetings could continue virtually as well as some in-person meetings. The virtual aspect of attendance may continue in the future as well.

“It’s been so much easier getting great speakers on Zoom,” Robinson said. “I think we’ll keep that up.”

Now that many restrictions have been lifted, the Rotary is returning to some of their regular projects, such as highway cleanup and, one of their favorite days, providing a hot breakfast to returning teachers and staff of Coast Union schools.

As part of the 50th Anniversary celebration, Rotary will turn the spotlight on some past presidents and look at some of the origins of the club’s many on-going projects.

“The last Friday of every month we will focus on these special events and Rotarian birthdays,” Robinson said.

They have also begun planning for their entry into the upcoming Pinedorado parade. The Cambria Rotary is known for their successful fundraising that has benefitted many other organizations in the community, especially school-age kids. When asked about some of the most rewarding Rotary projects, Robinson was quick to point out the Christmas gift giving for the kids in San Simeon.

“It’s really personalized. The kids write letters to Santa so we’re able to give them just the things they really want. I love it.”

The funds they raise throughout the year are used to provide scholarships for graduating seniors at Coast Union, sports equipment for all grades, a leadership camp for high school students, and clean water for those that are in need. On an international level, Rotary is committed to eradicating polio by providing vaccines to developing countries.

The Cambria Rotary meets every Friday at noon at the San Simeon Beach Bar & Grill. Lunch is $20. For information on how you can join, call 805 769 4749 or email

Pictured above, the new co-presidents of the Cambria Rotary Club, Linda Sherman, Patty Griffin, and Christel Chesney.

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