Girl Scouts Cookie Power Provides New Place to Park

Girl Scouts

Written by Theresa-Marie Wilson

Theresa-Maria Wilson has been a journalist covering the North Coast and South County area for over 20 years. She is also the founder of Cat Noir CC and is currently working on a novel.

October 8, 2021

Girl Scouts pictured above with finished bike rack, left to right, Cadence Flickinger, Rowan Goodyear, Kailani Howard and Vena Fryer at Baywood Elementary School. 

There is a new bike rack at Baywood Elelmentary School thanks to a group of industries girls.

Girl Scout troops 40325 and 40106 have been working on a badge about clean air and saving the earth. 

They noticed a lot of bikes hidden in trees and chained to signposts at Baywood Elementary that belonged to students that catch a school bus there to go to high school or other schools in the district. 

“We thought it would encourage bike riding if there was an actual place to leave their bikes safely,” said Troop Leader Cindy Goodyear. “When there was no in-person school we put the plan on hold. With students back to classes, we got the okay from the school and moved ahead with the installation. We will be watching use, and if more spaces are needed, we will purchase another rack.

The rack cost about $450 with the money coming from those yummy cookie sales. Each troop gets a percentage of each box they sell. 

“This past year our council ordered too many (pandemic),” said Goodyear. “Some of my girls sold some more at farmers market in SLO and got a higher percentage.”

Both the troops started at Baywood Elementary in kindergarten and now the oldest in the group are 9th graders at Morro Bay High School. 

When asked by this reporter about those fantastic cookies called Lemonades, I was informed that most people are asking about the new brownie type cookie new for 2022 called the Adventurfuls. They are described as an indulgent brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt.

“I’m not sure we will have them as each council has different bakers [whose recipes and ingredients may differ slightly]. San Francisco gets Savannah Smile lemon cookies, and I always get asked to find those but also get requests from the Bay Area for our Lemonades. Cookie season can be tricky.”

According to, councils conduct their cookie season for about a six- to eight-week period per year, most between January and April, but some start as early as September. Come on 2022.

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