Major Community Tree Planting Project Completed

Written by Estero Bay News

January 29, 2021

An enthusiastic group of 25 community volunteers from the local grassroots non-profit organization, Greening Los Osos completed a tree- planting project in Los Osos at the end of 2020. The California Conservation Corps assisted with the project.

The project was planned for earlier in the year but was delayed by the current health crisis and adjustments to the original project plans. The project consisted of planting 16 native 15-gallon trees including Monterey Cypress, Coast Live Oak and Toyon at two separate locations in Los Osos. Ten trees were planted off Pecho Valley Road adjacent to the retention basin that was once a leach field for Vista de Oro Estates and an additional six trees were planted off Ferrell Avenue near Bush Drive. Both properties are owned by the Los Osos Community Services District. The LOCSD has plans to improve the existing unpaved path through the Ferrell Ave property, which along with the trees will create a significantly upgraded open green space in the community.

The community has lost over 200 trees in the last few years due primarily to extended drought conditions and the decommissioning of septic tanks. The mission of Greening Los Osos to maintain, preserve and enhance the tree population of Los Osos grew out of this community issue. In addition to beautifying the areas, these trees will help our environment with carbon sequestration, erosion control, and creation of habitat for local wildlife.

The organization is responsible for the maintenance of the trees for the first three years. The trees will be watered by volunteers on a regular basis by re-using flushed “water main” water. They are also negotiating the use of reclaimed water in the near future.
The project was made possible by a California ReLeaf Grant and is funded by the California Climate Investments Program with a mandate to reduce greenhouse gasses and to implement a tree-planting project on open space to augment and expand a healthy urban tree canopy in the community of Los Osos. Community partners including Sage Landscape, Miner’s Ace Hardware, Loomis Tanks, Los Osos Valley Nursery, and the Los Osos Community Services District also supported the project.

Greening Los Osos was established in 2019 because of the loss of a large number of trees in the community. The concept was originally presented by Tony Salome to the LOCAC Tree & Landscape Commi(ee, however the organization is now independent of the T&L Commi(ee and has established non-profit status with its fiscal sponsor, Ecologistics.

It is a volunteer-driven partnership of community agencies, members, and leaders to achieve tree planting and preservation goals. Why protect trees? Native trees are integral to the character and wellbeing of the local community.
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