Morro Bay Lions Club Awards Scholarship Winners

Written by Estero Bay News

June 16, 2022

The Morro Bay Lions Club announced their scholarship recipients during the Morro Bay High School Senior Tribute and Awards Night on June 7.
“It certainly was not easy to have your high school years occur during the most difficult months of the COVID-19 pandemic and yet these high school seniors persevered,” said Donna Stoll, Lions Club representative.
Scholarship recipients include: Riley Apra, Alyssa Ellis, Jackson Howell, Riley Logan, Alexis Martinez, Christian Merrill, and Hana Yoneyama.

Their accomplishments reflected
• academic excellence
• athletic pursuits like football, baseball, swimming, water polo, tennis, cross country,
• musical jazz , band and wind ensemble
• Leadership roles
• After school work & jobs
• Assisting their families and contributions to our community
“We wish them luck in the future and are confident they will succeed,” Stoll said.

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