Peace Pole Planted

Written by Estero Bay News

April 26, 2024

Walter Heath and Ruth Ann Angus of Morro Bay in Bloom

The first Morro Bay Peace Garden complete with an artist rendered peace pole was dedicated at the Peace & Planet for Earth Day event at upper Centennial Park on Market Avenue in Morro Bay on Sunday, April 21. 

Jen Ford, Councilperson, Ruth Ann Angus of Yes We Can 
Pecebuilders, and Mayor Carla Wixom

The event originated with Yes We Can Peacebuilder’s Director Ruth Ann Angus in collaboration with Walter Heath and the volunteers from Morro Bay in Bloom. Angus has desired a peace garden for Morro Bay since 2016 when she entered the City of Morro Bay into the national Nonviolent Cities Project of Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service. 

“I am so grateful for the collaboration and work of the volunteers of Morro Bay in Bloom and Walter Heath,” Angus said, “Between them, the kids of the Sunshine Spreaders club at Del Mar Elementary School, Rotary Club of Morro Bay, City Councilperson Jen Ford, and the maintenance crew of Public Works, this dream of mine has finally come to life.”

The event opened with an Earth Connect Blessing by yoga master Dawn Feuerberg and the sounding of the gong by Jon Nowaczyk of Let’s Get Tuned Sound & Yoga Studio. Attendees then enjoyed a short talk by Angus telling the story of this dream, and ended with everyone singing along with the Ukeladies of Morro Bay.

The site is now newly planted, and Heath announced that plans are for a 48-inch bench to be installed as well as a kids labyrinth that will have gaily painted rocks that will be done by participants in The I Love Morro Bay event on April 27. Photos by Kelley Welch.

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