Premier Pet Photographer Coming to Cayucos

Written by Estero Bay News

December 5, 2023

Cayucos Unleashed Grooming Salon and Spa welcomes renowned photographer Linda Hamilton to capture holiday photo shoots of your beloved dogs on Dec. 9 and 10.

Linda’s work is recognized across California and Nevada. She has won awards for her photographic style and excellence. 

Her photography career began 25 years ago as an outdoor photographer for a busy upscale portrait studio back in the days of film. She attended college in Southern California and Utah where she majored in business. 

Linda devotes her time and energy in her profession creating priceless images for her clients. Her specialty ranges from portraits, weddings, commercial events and, for the last five years, she has concentrated on animal photography. 

Linda also donates her time and talents to the Tyler Robinson Foundation helping children who are struggling w/childhood cancer.

Clients describe her as “personable, professional, fun and talented.” Linda currently resides in Las Vegas with her husband, two sons and a 5-year-old mini goldendoodle. She travels to California, Arizona, Utah, and Tennessee to accommodate her clientele.

Unleashed Grooming Salon and Spa is located at 287 S. Ocean Ave. in Cayucos. Give them a call at 805-602-7557 to make an appointment.

Check out more of Linda’s work at

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