With Kids in School, Dogs Not Welcome

Written by Estero Bay News

May 20, 2021

With kids back in school after a year of online learning, a local principal is reminding everyone that the campus is closed to the public while school is in session, and dogs are not allowed.

In a letter to the community printed in the Los Osos Community Services District’s newsletter, Los Osos Middle School Principal, Karl Blum, said, “I am very well aware that a big part of the culture in Los Osos is that the LOMS fields can often double as a great place for community members to come and workout, take a walk, and for some, bring their dogs to the LOMS lower field.

“Since last March, when we locked down and didn’t have students on campus at all, this culture has grown significantly.”
Blum goes on to note that while many residents have taken to bringing their dogs along to exercise them at the school’s playing fields and track, it’s really not legal to do so.

“Education Code, District regulations, and County ordinances specify that no dogs are allowed on school campuses at all,” Blum explained, “for obvious safety and health reasons. I will say that in my 10 years here, there has never been much of an issue with dog droppings, which is a testament to the community for being responsible dog owners.”

School is now back in session at LOMS and the principal said they’ve got to enforce the rules for when kids are on campus.
“It is paramount that community members not be on our campus from 7:15-4:30 and we follow the ‘No dogs on campus’ policy,” he said. “This includes spectators who bring their dogs while watching their kids participate in LOMS or Youth Sports.”

He emphasized the main purpose of schools is education. “It is very important to remember that the main purpose of our schools is to provide a safe and secure environment for our kids learning and extracurricular activities,” Blum said. “We will be reminding our community members about the regulations and hope that you will also spread the word that school is back in session and we have kids on campus, which we celebrate each and every day.”

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