Los Osos Woman Needs Help After Storm Destroys Carport

Written by Theresa-Marie Wilson

Theresa-Maria Wilson has been a journalist covering the North Coast and South County area for over 20 years. She is also the founder of Cat Noir CC and is currently working on a novel.

March 14, 2024

Rosemarie Krantz, of Los Osos, stands by what used to be her carport awning. It was destroyed during a storm. 

A longtime Los Osos resident needs help following storm-related damages to her home.

Rosemarie Krantz, 88, was safe and dry in her home at Morro Shores Mobile Home Park in early February when an atmospheric river hitthe area bringing rainfall and heavy winds that ripped her carport awning off, destroying it.

“We heard a loud noise during the night,” Krantz said. “The wind was so bad, I was afraid.”

To make matters worse, later that week, Krantz found out that her insurance had been canceled in December without her knowledge. The mobile home park requires that all residents have a carport. The estimated $18,000 repair and replacements costs were now hers to bear. 

“She is just devastated,” said neighbor Sharon Bufo. “She cries. It’s the saddest thing in the world. She wouldn’t come out of her house. She’s so embarrassed. She feels she failed, not noticing that the insurance company had stopped taking automatic payments. She is really taking it hard on herself.”

Neighbors, friends and Krantz’ s daughter, Nadine Molina who also lives at the residence, worked on tearing down the remaining portion of the carport, removed the undamaged car, and stacked debris to prevent danger to anyone.

Krantz, a 40-year resident of the area who some might remember working with People Helping People, said she is overwhelmed by the support she has so far received from her neighbors.

“Morro Shores is family,” she said with emotion in her voice. But more help is needed.

A neighbor removed the remaining structure for safety as storms continued to wreak havoc. Photo submitted

A GoFundMe.com account is set up under Rosemarie Krantz’s name. Her granddaughter, Valerie Leos, Bufo and Molina set up the account to help close the $8 to $10,000 gap needed to for replacement costs. 

As of press time, close to $400 had been raised.

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