City Crews Make Storm Repairs

Written by Estero Bay News

January 19, 2024

When the Pacific Ocean went on a tear, throwing monster waves up against the shore in December and early January, Morro Bay City maintenance workers sprung into action to repair the extensive damage and flooding. Public Works Director Greg Kwolek shared photos taken by Maintenance Supervisor Carlos Mendoza and his crew, as they worked to repair the parking lot and rip rap at Morro Rock. They brought in loads of fill dirt and graded the parking lot smooth again, after the waves and rain did their usual number on the dirt lot. The work led to the closure of Coleman Drive leading out to Morro Rock, as the conditions were deemed unsafe (such events tend to draw thousands of storm watchers to the Rock and cause traffic jams for emergency vehicles). The crews dealt with flooding at the intersection of Atascadero Road and the Embarcadero, outside the old sewer plant office. And they used a loader to shore up damage. Kwolek said so far, except some eroding at the creek mouth, Morro Creek, the city’s main flooding hazard, has not overflowed. Submitted photos

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