County to Process Zoning Change on Cayucos Property

Written by Neil Farrell

Neil has been a journalist covering the Estero Bay Area for over 27 years. He’s won numerous journalism awards in several different categories over his career.

June 29, 2023

County-produced map shows the property at 673 S. Ocean Ave., Cayucos, that the County will process a General Plan Amendment and zoning change on, going from office-professional to residential multi-family.

County Supervisors approved the processing of a zoning change on an Ocean Avenue property in Cayucos that was first developed in the 1930s.

Back in May, the Supervisors were asked for permission to process the change in zoning from office and professional to residential multi-family on a 0.13-acre property, located at 673 S. Ocean Ave.

The applicants, Andrew and Merry Joslin, wanted the change in order to improve their property, which already has a 1,195 square foot, 2-story house on it.

“If approved,” reads the staff report from Senior Planner Shawn Monk, “the applicant intends to continue the existing residential use as the primary use, add a 2-car garage, increase the interior living area by 600-800 square feet, add an exterior deck extending 4 feet from the upstairs room, and add solar panels to the roof of the existing single-family residence.”

The 6,000 s.f. lot sits at the northern edge of the O&P zoning district, Monk said, and well south of the Central Business District.

The owners have used it as a residence since 1984 and the property has had a home on it since 1932, according to Monk’s report.

In 1994, the Joslins added a second story and demolished part of the house including a garage and shed. Though it might seem a simple thing to make a change in zoning, because Cayucos sits in the Coastal Zone, it requires a full blown General Plan Amendment that is also part of the Local Coastal Program and thus subject to jurisdiction by the Coastal Commission. In essence, the amendment would bring the property into conformity in terms of the zoning vs. the actual use. It could also bode well for potential future redevelopment into condos or apartments under the multi-family zoning.

“The residential uses are currently classified as a special use,” Monk’s report said. “However, by approving the requested land use change the site will become a conforming use in the [residential multi family] RMF land use, and continue with the single-family use.”

The uses in the immediate area around the site are varied including a motel, a laundry mat, Cayucos Community Church, a mortuary, a vacation rental office and two mixed-use buildings with retail shops on the ground floor and residences on top. 

Monk’s report concluded that making the change, which the owners will pay to have done, would not be out of line with the neighborhood nor adversely affect the O&P zoned area, nor the Central Business District several blocks north.


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