Energy Credits Coming to PG&E Customers

Written by Sullivan

April 11, 2020

Customers of Pacific gas & Electric are getting a credit on their April energy usage, part of a State program to address the Coronavirus closure’s effects on residents.

PG&E announced on April 2 that residential customers would receive the “California Climate Credit” on their April bills. “The credit totals $62.91 for PG&E residential customers receiving both natural gas and electric service. For natural gas-only residential customers the credit will be $27.18, and for electric-only residential customers the credit will be $35.73,” according to a news release.

PG&E only has electricity customers in San Luis Obispo County, as SoCal Gas provides natural gas in the area.

The credit comes as people’s electric bills are likely to rise significantly due to the State’s stay-at-home orders that has closed so-called non-essential businesses and put millions of people out of work through at least the end of April.

“During the COVID-19 public health crisis,” Laurie Giammona, PG&E Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer said, “we know that many of our customers may face uncertainty and financial instability due to school and childcare closures, job loss and other economic impacts. We want customers to be aware that the semi-annual California Climate Credit will help reduce their energy costs this month.”

All utility customers in California are entitled to annual credits from the State program, better known as cap and trade. Electrical customers get the credit twice a year and gas customers, once a year.

Under cap and trade, California requires power plants, natural gas providers and other large industries that emit greenhouse gases to buy carbon pollution permits from auctions managed by the California Air Resources Board and the Public Utilities Commission oversees the credits program. Cap and trade raises some $5.3 billion a year through the auctions.

“We also have numerous tips, tools and programs for customers to help lower their energy usage and bills. We encourage customers to evaluate those options and take advantage of them,” Giammona said.
The other programs include multiple rate plan options, assistance programs and tools to help manage their energy usage and costs. One option, the “California Alternate Rates for Energy Program or CARE, could serve a double benefit for Morro Bay residents who face the City’s increased sewer and water rates for the Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) new sewer project that is now underway. Residents who are in the CARE Program automatically qualify for the City’s discount program.

See: or call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000 to help determine which rate plan is best for your household.

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