Inflammatory Flyers Left in Los Osos

Written by Neil Farrell

Neil has been a journalist covering the Estero Bay Area for over 27 years. He’s won numerous journalism awards in several different categories over his career.

October 24, 2023

A copy of a ‘hate’ flyer distributed in Los Osos and other areas of the county.

The County Sheriff’s Office issued a citizen’s alert regarding some disturbing flyers that was reportedly left on Oct. 8 at several homes in Los Osos.

Sheriff’s spokesman Tony Cipolla said in a news release, “The Sheriff’s Office was made aware of inflammatory flyers left on the doorsteps of multiple residents in the Los Osos area. Similar flyers have surfaced in other communities in the County in recent months.”

Cipolla said they destroyed the flyers that were given to deputies who investigated the matter and the department “asks that citizens responsibly discard the flyers.”

The Sheriff’s Office did not respond when Estero Bay News asked for a copy of the flyer, but EBN obtained one from a local resident.

The flyers are headlined, “A Call to Action!” and addressed to: “All men and women of the European Race.”

It goes on to claim, “the world Our Ancestors built is collapsing. With each passing day, the comforts Our European Ancestors are slowly being siphoned away, leaving a desolate future for Our children and future generations. The time for action is now!”

The closing message is, “Live with Pride! Die with Honor!”

The flyer directs people to learn more at a website apparently put up by “Ca_Blackshirts.” The web address goes to a telegram post by California Blackshirts, which shows 174 subscribers and claims to be, “An anonymous and peaceful Pro-White activist group advocating for the security and survival of the European race.”

The website has a number of boastful posts explaining who they are but then devolving into hateful mischaracterizations and racism, including the following:

“Who We Are:

We are the California Blackshirts, an anonymous group of Pro-White activists who advocate for the well-being of White Americans.

Our Aims:

To encourage White Americans to speak up for their own, bringing widespread awareness to the plight White Americans face.

Our Means:

Banner drops with Pro-White messages, flyering, digital propaganda and all other legally protected methods of activism.

America is in a state of decay and we all know it. For too long has the White Man stood by, hypnotized by the lies of liberal capitalism, while his country is squandered and his culture destroyed. America was once a shining example of European brilliance and strength, yet is now nothing more than a hotbed of degeneracy and shame.

So who’s to blame? Our elected officials, whether Democrat or Republican, work hand-in-hand against the interests of those who are responsible for American excellence and who solely possess the abilities to maintain this country; the White Race. But we vote for them every 4 years.

Our schools prey upon our children with their disgusting sexual ideology, all while shaming them for being White. But we still send them to class everyday.

The media has made a laughing stock out of us, mocking and demonizing us every day and night as a primetime event. But we still watch and laugh along like textbook examples of Stockholm syndrome.

Our once beautiful cities are rife with Third-world savages who terrorize our communities, pillage our shopping centers and beat our women and children. But we say nothing and allow the black and brown hoards to run rampant every summer.

Well we say enough! Enough sitting idly while what is rightfully ours is destroyed in the name of diversity! Wake up, White men and women of America! Wake up before it’s too late. The time for action is now! Join us in the fight for our people!”

In another post, the Blackshirts begin by patting themselves on the back for the monumental development of their group and says that the whole thing started as “an idea shared by two men.”

But in the next paragraph, they launch into an anti-Israel, hateful rant. “We felt it necessary to begin directing our message towards shining light upon the facts of the matter, exposing the true vile nature of those who we’ve been told for decades are our greatest ally. In the months ahead we will be countering this lie. Heavy pushback will be applied to the tools of manipulation used by the Zionist who occupy our government and the truth will be known: Jews aren’t worth dying for.”

The flyers that were put out in Los Osos, as well as previous “flyering” in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles, were coupled with some incidents where the Blackshirts hung pro-white banners over Hwy 101 overpasses.

All of these incidents have been met with strong condemnation from the community. The men hanging the banners were confronted by citizens, and elected officials in every community have condemned the group for their message.

However, such beliefs are protected under the Constitution’s First Amendment “Freedom of Speech” clause, and there isn’t much law enforcement can do. But the Sheriff’s Department isn’t happy about the matter.

“While the flyer falls within the bounds of Free Speech protected by the First Amendment,” Cipolla said, “it does not reflect the values of San Luis Obispo County and certainly is not inclusive of the people who live, work, and pass through our county.”

The message on flyers might be protected but local governments do have laws governing how they are distributed. For example, in Morro Bay it’s against the municipal code to place flyers of any kind on windshields of parked cars or leave them door-to-door. Flyers must be handed to someone in person to be legally distributed in that city.

Though protected speech, the Sheriff’s Department is apparently looking to identify the people responsible. “If you have video footage of individuals leaving the flyers,” Cipolla said, “please call the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency phone number at 805-781-4550.”

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