Sandbag Sand Available

Written by Estero Bay News

January 13, 2023

With Old Man Winter firmly upon us, the City of Morro Bay is reminding residents of where they can get clean sand for sandbags and how to report a tree getting blown over in your neighborhood.

The City has put out a big pile of sand for residents to fill sandbags with and guard against minor flooding during what has already been a wet winter. 

Sand is available for free across the street from the sewer plant on Atascadero Road. Sandbags are available for purchase at Miner’s Hardware or other hardware stores in the area.

The City said there would be a blue sign posted above the sand pile that says, “Sand for sandbags only.” 

And with Morro Bay’s urban forest getting on in years, the danger of trees being blown over in high winds is very real and the City has a special system online to report downed trees and other weather-related incidents. 

See: to report toppled trees. You must also first create an account on the system, called “Citysourced.”

“CitySourced,” reads a news release, “allows residents to identify issues and report those service requests directly to the City of Morro Bay. Residents can upload a photo or video of the concern and mark the geographic location on a map. Each request can then be tracked for follow up. Requests may be submitted online or using a smartphone.”

The City also reminded people that the request for service line is not for reporting public safety emergencies, and if you are experiencing something like that, call 9-1-1. 

And if the issue you see is a water or sewer emergency — but not an issue with your water/sewer bill — call 805-772-6281 to reach the Public Works Department.

And in Los Osos, the Community Services District has clean sand available at the CSD corp yard located at 8th Street and El Moro Avenue, during regular business hours.

As for another common storm issue — downed wires — readers are advised that they should never approach and certainly never touch any downed wire. 

Though it may be a cable TV or phone line, to be safe, assume it is an electrical line and is energized and able to give you a terrible shock. And don’t run over with the car any downed wires either.

Instead call 9-1-1 and let the fire department know about the wire so they can handle the situation safely.

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