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Columbus Sign is Offensive

On the corner of Santa Maria and 3rd Street in Los Osos, the Baywood Plaza displays a picture of Christopher Columbus’ three ships. Indigenous people and many others have extensively documented the fact that Columbus...

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No to NOAA Proposal

I absolutely, enthusiastically agree with Paul Gallo’s letter (Vol. 5 Issue 19) regarding NOAA’s proposal to change the boundary lines of the proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. This alternative map is...

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Kudos to Neil

I want to thank you for your comprehensive and well-presented article on the proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. You have brought to light the outrageous action of NOAA to gerrymander the original boundaries of...

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A Visitor to Morro Bay

My wife and I just returned from Morro Bay on Friday, having stayed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the Best Western – San Marcos. Good value. Three years ago, Mgr. Stacey gave me an aeonium plant cutting to take home,...

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Museum Meanderings

As I watched the San Salvador leave MB today, I had this crazy idea: A metal superstructure around the stacks in the shape of a Spanish Galleon with the entire facility becoming a California history museum.  If the design...

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