Against Morro Bay’s Measure E-20 

I think the idea of raising the sales tax 1% is wrong just before an election if it doesn’t have any money for repairs to our local network of streets in Morro Bay. I live near the Morro Bay State Park and Morro Bay Golf Course. There are two streets unpaved on Kings Avenue and Ridgeway Street going towards the western boundary of Morro Bay State Park, since our city repaved the northern and western section of this road about 7 years ago.

I know during an COVID-19 emergency that this money can be used for police, fire and emergency response, but, to me, I can’t afford it at this time as a “consumer” tax because it is not going towards repairing our streets in our city of Morro Bay. I think it could be put to better use if it was spent without wasting money that the city doesn’t have.

Scott C. Presnal
Morro Bay

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