Bird Bath Needs to go

For those of us who have studied (college-level classes) and cared for various wildlife species, it is difficult to understand people’s actions like those of Regina Prokop. In 1971, two Laguna lifeguards and I founded Friends of the Sea Lion. It has evolved into the very significant Marine Mammal Rescue Center.

At first nobody doctored the gulls when storm winds steered them wrongly against the cliffs.  A cage was built in my solarium and, with the help of a veterinarian, they were brought back to perfect health.

The initial fact we learned was that all seabirds have a de-sal system in their bodies, so seawater is not harmful.

Very recently scientific studies have indicated that seabird guano has inhibitors of antibiotic action in humans (I have the news letter of Oct. 2020).

When the ridiculous Morro Bay Birdbath has gull traffic in it, it becomes full of guano, harmful to people if wafting in the air.

If squirrels drink it, their poop increases and sinks down onto our precious otters’ food on the sea floor. The otters preserve sea grass by nudging around the roots, causing them to reproduce at an increased rate.  (New York Times)

The LAST thing needed by the beach is a “bird bath.” In Cambria, it is understood to never leave pet food or water outside at night because it draws predators like coyotes.  When you see posters of “Lost Dog” or “Lost Cat,” it is very often those have been nabbed by coyotes coming in for water.

Evolution placed all species in locations where they can preserve themselves naturally.  We have no right to increase their numbers when all evidence is that crowdedness breeds the passage of diseases.  Social distancing is a natural law of all species.

Vivian Thompson
Morro Bay

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