Cheers for Morro Bay Abalone Movie

I want to take this chance to congratulate the Morro Bay Maritime Museum for the successful premiere of their documentary, “Morro Bay — ‘Once’ the Abalone Capital of the World”

at the Bay Theater on August 22nd.  It was sold out!  Anyone who was there had a chance see the colorful history of this town and many of the people who attended were part of that history.  After the movie, there was a question and answer session featuring Steve Rebuck, Trudy O’Brien, Dee Dee Pierce and Eddie Pierce. 

If you didn’t make it, the DVD is on sale at the Maritime Museum. 

Special thanks to Lori Mather and Scott Mather for all the time and effort they put into this project. I hope that the residents of Morro Bay realize what a special history the City of Morro Bay has and do all they can to support the Morro Bay Maritime Museum in it’s quest to preserve local waterfront history.

Good job!

Stan House, Morro Bay

Last Sunday the MB Theater was filled to capacity with family members representing MB pioneer families — Bickford, Rebuck, Brebes, Leage, Sylvester, Porter, Reivia, Montgomery and Pierce. I sat alongside 50+ members of my Pierce family as we cheered the images on the big screen. The move was “Morro Bay — ‘Once’ the Abalone Capital of the World.” Finally someone got the story right. 

From the Pierce family we would like to thank the Morro Bay Maritime Museum and their volunteer staff. This little gem sitting on our Embarcadero is simply a treasure. With this DVD the MBMM has put together the creation story of the MB Fishing Industry, and now with this informational documentary we all know it started with the Abalone Industry. 

Lori Mather painstakingly put together priceless and timeless underwater video along with the remarkable photos and film captured by MB’s unofficial historical photographer, Glen Bickford. She tied this together with a great sound track and spun a human interest story to keep us all on the edge of our seat. This movie should be in every classroom and available at our local libraries. Our city administration could have a movie night and spend 40 minutes in the past so they can go forward with a future we can all be proud of. 

The MBMM website https//Morro bay hosts 19 oral histories captured from 2001 to the present and can be viewed by simply logging on. The volunteers from the museum have captured the flavor of Morro Bay from it’s beginning and should be supported in every way we can. Thank you Scott Mather, Bill Steele, and Bonnie Jones, along with your crew of volunteers, you are doing a marvelous job. 

DeeDee Pierce Perry, Morro Bay 

Just a quick ‘’Bravo Zulu’’ to Lori Mather for her documentary “Morro Bay — ‘Once’ the Abalone Capital of the World.” The world premier at the Bay Theater was like a sporting event as families of pioneers featured in the film cheered and clapped as they appeared in this historical era. 

The work, research and final product was well worth the time and effort, and, as a 40 year resident of Morro Bay, I was moved as I learned a thing or two about some old, dear friends. Thanks Again, Lori …You done good!

Gary Ryan, Morro Bay

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