Culture Conflict

I am writing this to try to educate people in this time of turmoil. First, a basic fact: All humans on earth today are progeny of Black Africans from Africa about 2 million years ago and coming out of Kenya and Ethiopia about 130,000 years ago and migrating over earth. We all had black skin. The change to white and other colors was the result of migrating out of the equatorial zone of sunlight to northern and southern climes, which have less ultraviolet rays from the sun to produce vitamin D in their bodies. The reduction in vitamin D resulted in dark skin peoples not being able to have live births due to the softness of fetus bones. The result, over thousands of years, was a lightening of skin color in order to produce children.

In the 18th century, a German physician named Blumenbach taught courses in physical characteristics as a function of the earth’s environment. For ease of identification, he used skin color.

Today, we are doing the same thing. We use skin color when we really are dealing with the conflict between different cultures. Within a given culture you may have people of a variety of skin, eye and hair color with no conflict as long as they are members of the culture. But bring a group of people from a different culture into the group and conflict invariably rises. This has been going on for many centuries and will continue until we can solve the cultural difference problem. The conflict has nothing to do with skin color, eye color, or shape or hair color. We just use color, as did Blumenbach, to identify cultures. Even within the so-called white culture there is bias against Jewish, Irish, Catholics, Scandinavians etc. because of their different cultures.

Lloyd M. Lambert

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