Did God Bury Dinosaur Fossils?

I have a few questions for Scott Presnal, (Letters, Vol. 3, Issue 14). You say you’re “fascinated by earth science” yet you don’t seem to buy any of it. If the earth, as you claim, is only 6,000 years old, where did all the dinosaur fossils come from? Did God bury them in the ground to confuse us with a fictitious backstory? Why would He do that? You then take issue with the ‘theory of evolution’ calling it a “lie that has been taught in our high schools and community colleges….” Well, I have news for you. Evolution is not a theory, it’s a force of nature at work on everything and everyone all of the time. Were you born knowing how to read and write, drive a car, ride a bike, or speak English? If not, then you, my friend, have evolved! You wrap up your little missive by citing the book of Revelations as “prophecy” when, in reality, it was just an hallucinogenic fever dream of St. John, who just happened to remember enough of it to write it down. I have some wild dreams too, but I don’t claim any of them as prophecy!

You can keep playing make-believe inside your own head for as long as you like, just don’t expect any of the rest of us to take you seriously.

Dan Curtis
San Luis Obispo

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