Dr. John Headding for Mayor

I am going to vote to re-elect John Headding for Mayor of Morro Bay because of his experience. Prior to his current duties as Mayor, Dr. Headding served four years on our City Council. 

In the next two years, the City of Morro Bay needs to recover from the fiscal damage that COVID has caused and complete the new Water Reclamation Facility (WRF). Accomplishing these will require steady leadership.

His opponent, John Weiss, is a successful small business owner and has devoted hours working with Rotary, however to the best of my knowledge has never served on a City board, commission or committee or held an elected office in Morro Bay. As most know, working in the public sector is a lot different than working in the private sector.

This is not the time for someone with no prior experience either as a City board member or City Council experience to be running the City.

Homer Alexander
Morro Bay

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