Elect a New City Council

Morro Bay desperately needs a change in City Council and a new Mayor. We are drowning in higher taxes and dubious projects due to a City Council, led by a Mayor who refuses to listen to the concerns and wishes of the local citizens.

Currently the Water Reclamation Plant project is burning through millions of our dollars…for what…a plan to transform raw sewage into safe drinking water…Really?  Would you drink it? A far-fetched pipe dream, the State Water Resources Control Board hasn’t even developed regulations for such projects.

Next a plan to tear down the stacks to be replaced with the world’s largest Lithium Battery Storage Plant constructed on the ocean front Esplanade, steps to the Bay, adjacent to our High School. Dreadful undertaking with potential for a catastrophic fire of epic proportions. Horrible location, another unproven experiment by Council.

Headding maintains that the Council has not been presented with any information nor had any discussions about this “project still going through normal planning stages” and certainly not made any decisions. Headding has already signed a Memo of Understanding with the project developer.

At least one Council Member asserts that “it is almost a done deal”. 

Headding is simply playing the Politician, not answering the question fully or truthfully. Motivation for Headding is simply money…it’s not about the money, it’s about the money. Short term funding sources with long term consequences.Time for a change. Carla Wixom for Mayor, she will listen to citizens and take responsible actions and the ‘Home Team,’ Zara Landrum and Sarah Robinson for City Council, bringing transparency and accountability to City government.

The spending, taxing, and questionable projects of the current Council must stop. Vote for these three women, give Morro Bay a chance for the future.

Jim Curnutt

Morro Bay 

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