Estero Bay News is Tops

When Dean Sullivan began publishing the Estero Bay News in January 2019, I knew, judging by his long track record and line up of writers and reporters, that it was going to be a gem. Every two weeks since then, rain or storm, COVID or not, the paper has been hitting the racks and made available everywhere from the library to a variety of local businesses. We have had the opportunity to read and follow editor Theresa-Marie Wilson, and have been treated to Neil Farrell’s quality, on the edge, and unflinching reporting, which I’ve followed for over twenty-five years. As the paper evolved, we were introduced to the sharp writing of Judy Salamacha, Jill Turnbow, and Ruth Ann Angus. I do miss the music and entertainment features by Paul Irving. 

The “Coffee with Joan” column has been a delight to read. Joan Sullivan takes us back, as only Joan can, to the past found in the histories of Los Osos, Baywood Park, and beyond. Joan’s genius is well-known. It is seen in her art and in the pages of her local history books. She is a pioneer of local journalism and history.

The Estero Bay News provides a true connectivity between paper and reader. Los Osos, Morro Bay, and the North Coast now have a voice. The coverage of local news, arts and entertainment, schools, business and the environment is superb. There is a place to submit an editorial, an announcement, or an article. The means to promote an event is right at your fingertips. It is an attractive paper exhibiting good judgment, style, and taste. The photography and art are superb.

I vote the Estero Bay News be named the top local newspaper of San Luis Obispo County for 2022, to include recognition for all years back to its brilliant inception. Thank you.

 Ken Kenyon
Los Osos

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