False advertising for Measure E-20 in
Morro Bay

As a 20-year resident, I was shocked to receive an election mailer sent by Morro Bay.  One side gave generic voting information; the other was shameless self-promotion for the city’s Measure E-20.  

The mailer touts the benefits of the increased revenue, but never mentions how they get that revenue: It’s a sales tax—and they never say that! It talks about the importance of local police and fire, but never mentions that nothing in the measure assures the money is spent on public safety (it goes into the general fund).

They talk about ensuring that visitors “pay their fare share,” making it seem like an occupancy or tourism tax, but it’s not.  We residents will be paying it on our purchases every single day, long after the visitors go home. It’s a sure sign of how much the city is trying to hide when a mailing piece paid for with our dollars skirts the truth. Vote NO on Measure E-20.
David Weisman
Morro Bay

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