Good News in Cambria

Thank you citizens of Cambria & San Simeon! Due to the generous donations from the Cambria / San Simeon Community during our 2019 Annual Open Heart Drive and from bequests received, the Cambria Community Council was able to provide over 31 grants to local non-profits including our local schools this year.

In addition, the council was able to provide nearly $47,000 to help feed those in need through the donations to “Neighbors Feeding Neighbors” campaign, which is on-going.

Since 1996, besides running the free bus service for our seniors and disabled, the Cambria Community Council has granted over $1,284,280.

This year’s grants totaled $106,742: Over $18,000 went to Cambria Grammar School, Santa Lucia Middle School and Coast Union High School; and, over $88,000 was granted to 16 local non-profits including: Assistance League, Beautify Cambria, Boosters Club, Boy Scouts (Girl’s Troop), Camp Ocean Pines, Cambria Community Health District Trust, HART, Historical Society, Hospice, Infant Essentials, LINK Family Servies, Meals That Connect, Pacific Wildlife Care, Skate Park Project, Safe & Sober Grad, Toys for Tots.
The Council’s 2020 Open Heart Campaign will begin in late November for the 2021 Grant Cycle. Check your mailbox for our letter and give if you can!

For further information, visit:

Marcelle Bakula
Cambria Community Council

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