In response to J. Fillmore III’s Comments

Let me be the first to congratulate you for bringing to light just how fast the traffic has become in our neighborhoods (Vol. 4, Issue 15).

I’m the grumpy old man on Main Street in Morro Bay. I’ll be very specific. Main Street from Olive to Piney Way, a 30 mph road, has become a corridor for people driving 40 to 45 mph. The road narrows at Olive and, from that point on, the sidewalk that is made from asphalt, the same material as the road, has become so uneven it’s almost impossible to negotiate.

Last but not least there are no bike lanes on either side of the street, which I consider to be the most important safety issue of all. Motor vehicles rarely grant bicyclists the lane and usually speed past them using the opposite lane.

This situation has gotten out of hand, it is very unsafe, and I worry that someone could get hurt.  

In closing, the people driving at these speeds are not all out-of-towners. I’m seeing grandpas, soccer moms, locals of all ages following suit.

Ed Spera

Morro Bay

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