Keep the Police Blotter As Is

I hope you do not make any changes to the Police Blotter as a response to Janet Meza’s letter (vol. 2, Issue 17). It is the best thing about this great little paper! If we eliminate any kind of humor that could offend someone there would be no humor at all. I’ve never seen the Police Blotter make light of suicide or death and it certainly did not in the instance referred to by Janet.

Depression, drug and alcohol addition are sad but there is a lot of help for these people. If they choose not to get help there are consequences. Drug and alcohol addition is not a free pass to commit crimes.

I wish the best to Janet and offer condolences for her loss. I have also lost someone to an accidental overdose but choose to find humorous references about alcohol or drug intake and the resulting behaviors as just a way to lighten up these dark parts of life.

Heidi Kausch
Los Osos

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