Kudos to Buttercup Bakery and a Wish

What a beautiful and uplifting report your paper had on Buttercup Bakery and Café (Vol. 3, Issue 22). The story of Carrie Raya, the owner, showed her passion, perseverance, stamina, determination, and focus to accomplish her childhood dream. Each time I pass the bakery, the smell from the bakery invites you in to taste the very many delights.

If only you know, Carrie, what it’s like to be drawn to your bakery and realize that you cannot have any cakes and scones. I am diabetic; so all these delights are poison for me since they are made with sugar!

I trust one day, I will be able to savor again your bakes made from gluten-free and sugar-free ingredients!

Francis Aloisio

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