Kudos to Neil

Thank you for the excellent article by Neil Farrell regarding the proposed hydroelectric plant for Whale Rock Reservoir (Vol. 4, Issue 9). After getting wind of the proposal Neil expertly tracked down who was responsible (FERC) for permitting and oversight. Neil did a great job of breaking down project components, location, acreage, capacity, energy needs, connectivity with existing infrastructure and the prooosed off shore wind farm. 

We have a lot going on in this County-its almost enough to make your head swim. Thank you Neil and Estero Bay News for providing a clear and concise summary of the proposed hydroelectric plant.

I was also grateful for articles regarding the Coastal Commission letter and the building moratorium, as well as new reef construction. Again, both articles are clearly stated, well organized and full of information. 

Neil is able to present complex issues, proposals or situations in a way that is informative and accessible to a wide audience. He certainly represents the spirit of “Your Community-Your News.”

Great issue. Thank you.

Valerie Levulett

Morro Bay 

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