Laurel Barton is Up to the Task

As a 20-plus year homeowner in Morro Bay I have observed the City Council over the years.  Currently our City confronts a set of complex challenges.  We need Council leadership that is up to the task, and that is why I support Laurel Barton.  Based on her long career in city administration, she can hit the ground running on day one.  She worked in grant writing and city planning for the cities of Tulare and Visalia and served on the Visalia City Council.  She has first-hand experience dealing with budgets and major projects.  She is right on the issues: Laurel Barton supports the water reclamation project which is well underway under the guidance of the current City Council.  She supports Measure E-20 to address our budget shortfalls. She will ensure that funds are spent to maintain services and caring for our community.  Please join me in supporting Laurel Barton.  She is the person we need on our Council at this crucial time.

Ray McKelvey

Morro Bay

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