Motel Conversion to Rehab Needs Thought

We have had many serious problems with rehab treatment centers in Orange County. They have even set up in residential neighborhoods in large homes. I don’t know if you will really have 27 to 40 “professional people” or first responders needing rehab at a time to keep this facility running.  

Our problem is that the local addicts/intoxicated WERE recruited to come for treatment, then when the Medicare reimbursement for care ran out, they were released out onto the streets again.  People from other cities and even states were brought here, signed up for Medicare then also released back onto the streets with no way to get back home.  

Please think carefully about adding to your homelessness and addiction problems and the crime that comes with it as has happened here. You have such a beautiful little city. My husband and I spend time at Morro Dunes several times a year. 

Please plan carefully and don’t allow this project to ruin it.

Mary Muat
Huntington Beach CA

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