Open State Park Road

As much as I appreciate the park service saving us from certain death from Covid-19, I think it’s time to reopen State Park Road — 90+% of traffic from Los Osos to Morro Bay used to take that turn off. Now to go to Bayside Cafe you have to either brave the 27 stop signs on Morro Blvd or take Kings from Quintana and wind your way through the residential Streets (I’m sure those homeowners would like that to stop).

Nobody is going to try to camp in the campground with all the closed signs they have up. It really doesn’t serve a purpose having the road closed. If they really wanted to make it better they should make it a one-way road, around and back down through the golf course; one lane for cars, and another big bicycle/walking lane.

Shelby Rinck
Los Osos

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