Parcel Tax Robs Peter to Pay Paul

How long has Morro Bay had a harbor? Well that’s a silly question. You would think that someone would have foreseen it needing repairs and saved up for them.

Well now Measure B-22 is coming up for a vote and I have talked to a lot of citizens who don’t want it. They do want the Harbor to have the money for repairs, but B-22 is written poorly and they don’t like that it goes up every year; that there is no end to it; and it increases everyone’s property taxes — rich and poor alike. Rewrite it!!!

I talked to one person on the other side and he said “show me another way to get the money,” so I did. Here’re some suggestions:

• Grants of course;

• Hold one “Save the Harbor” major event per year with all the money going toward Harbor infrastructure, with no fees from the City;

• Reduce the Cities fees. The City has been taking $360,000 per year from the Harbor Fund to balance the city budget. The City was asked not to take so much, but they still did;

• Hire a professional to manage the Harbor Fund; and,

• “Volunteer” help in moving rocks for the revetment.

Ann Reisner 

Morro Bay 

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