Professional Weather Reporting

In 1982, just before my junior year of high school in Visalia, California I was given a used six-band radio manufactured from Radio Shack, that used to have the National Weather Service NOAA Weather Radio on it to tune in the frequencies from 162.400 to 162.550 MHz. I used to watch a PBS program called A.M. Weather from Maryland Public Television with the three meteorologists from 1981 until 1993, just before I went to high school for 15 minutes.

Today, I am the owner of the Cheshire Weather Bureau Administrative Headquarters, Weather Station Office and Service in Morro Bay since I went public in the year of 1988, in Visalia. I have a Davis Vantage Vue (#6250) wireless weather station and console with a USB cable and data logger that connects my personal computer. I have a group on Facebook, with the web address of, and I want to be recognized that this hobby of mine, which can be work related, is a spiritual gift from God as a “unique” service that I do operate. In closing if you want a professional weather report, turn to me and get it on my FB group, please.

Scott C. Presnal
Morro Bay,

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