Recycle Right

Recycling properly is most likely near the bottom of everyone’s priorities these days. Yet, I’m compelled to share with my local neighbors one very easy and important step that everyone should know about—there should be no plastic bags in your recycling bin! Anything inside a plastic bag automatically gets thrown away.

Integrated Waste Management Authority specifies that there should be no bags in the blue recycling bin.  On my daily walks I’ve seen a great number of bins that contain the big plastic bags with recyclables inside. These items you good-naturedly meant to save from the landfill do go into the landfill when they are inside any plastic bag.

So please help increase the amount of items recycled at our facilities by dumping out your recyclables directly into the blue bin.  Thanks folks!  (To become more knowledgeable about county recycling, visit

Kalila Volkov
Morro Bay

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