Reexamine State Road Closure

GREAT JOB Estero Bay News!  After an inquiry about the road closure of State Park Road Theresa-Marie Wilson had a very comprehensive article with a lot of information from the Superintendent Dan Falat (Vol.2 Issue 17). 

So some quick points about his response. Opportunities for recreation (walking and biking).  There’s another state park not far from Morro Bay (Montana de Oro) with miles of trails available for hiking, walking, and biking.  Plus, Morro Bay has the beautiful Embarcadero walk that goes all the way out to Morro rock.  So there are local alternatives to this two-mile stretch of road. 

Traffic congestion on finding the campground closed.  Turning left into the marina gives you a huge parking lot to turn around in to get back out. 

Shorter route to the center of Morro Bay.  Anybody who’s lived in Los Osos for any time knows this. What isn’t shorter is getting to the Bayside Cafe (a favorite with many locals) or the golf course, which is still open, or anywhere else in the south part of Morro Bay.

I think it’s time to reexamine this issue and open the road back up.  It’s not helping limit the spread of COVID, but it is making it a lot more inconvenient to get around.

Greg King
Los Osos

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