Social Security Reform Now

Social Security reform for Social Security Disability Income, known as SSDI, and Supplemental Security Income, known as SSI, should happen shortly. Because living on low income each month has been affected by inflation within the recent months of the second half of this year of 2021, under a budget especially for people with disabilities such as Asperger’s Autism and other people affected by disabilities too.

The “Band-Aid” solution for 2020 and 2021 is giving such people stimulus checks by the federal government through the IRS and not tackling the problem of raising benefits to the 100% to 125% of the poverty level (watch Matt of the Blind to Billionaire Youtube channel on the Internet).

In closing, I would most likely benefit from the changes that are being done to Social Security, as well as my second best friend Richard Ricketts of Atascadero. It would also help us to have a budget without going into debt in the future.

Scott C. Presnal
Morro Bay

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