Support Vacation Rental Guidelines

Residents of Los Osos worked together with the Los Osos Community Advisory Council over an 11-month period ending June 2018. Together they crafted the Los Osos Vacation Rental Guidelines.

The community came together in compromise, creating an effective set of guidelines that will successfully incorporate the use of vacation rentals in Los Osos. These guidelines are meant to preserve our neighborhoods, protect our limited housing stock for full time residents, and maintain what little affordable housing we have left. Keeping our homes filled with families and children is a priority, both for the future of our community and for the continued funding of our schools.

To be legally accepted, the guidelines will go through the same approval process as the new Los Osos Community Plan. They will be reviewed, modified, and voted on by the Planning Commission, the Board of Supervisors, and then ultimately the California Coastal Commission.

We are starting through these last hurdles and now is the time for Los Osos to speak out. The Planning Commission will be hearing Public Comment at their meeting on July 9th via Zoom. It is critical we write letters in support of the guidelines and to attend the meeting. The Commissioners need to hear from us!

This is imperative, they need to know we are serious. We do not want the solution to be the County’s stripped-down version of regulations that could end up leaving us without protection. We need our entire document, it’s about all of the proposed regulations working together for the preservation of our community. As that community, we need to step forward as a collective voice to write letters and make public comment if we want to see the Los Osos Vacation Rental Guidelines enacted.

Plan to attend the meeting and email your comments to Ramona Hedges, Clerk to the Planning Commission

For news, the guidelines, how to attend the Zoom meeting, letter writing, contacts, and answers to all of your questions, please visit

Sue Morgenthaler
Los Osos Resident

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