Thanks for Voting in Favor of the New Roundabout

Congratulations to the Morro Bay City Council for voting to create a new roundabout at the intersection of Hwy 1 and Hwy 41. This location has been a topic of concern for decades. Caltrans has been warning the city for years of the dangers this intersection poses and has told the city not to wait until someone dies before we actually do something to prevent a tragedy. 

So, contrary to some of the other letters we have seen in this paper stating reasons not to build it, by creating a new roundabout, we are protecting our children’s safety, and by doing nothing, we are complicit in the dangers. The data shows that in the past five years since the Morro Bay Blvd. roundabout was installed, there have only been a total of nine minor collisions there. Whereas the proposed new site has had 23 recorded crashes in the same time period and is considered by Caltrans to be a “hot spot”.  

In one recent letter, the author issued threats of reprisal against the council majority who voted for this necessary project.  That’s not the civil way we should conduct our Morro Bay politics. We see too much of that in national politics.  Divisive personal attacks are not helpful. The Council did a good job voting for this roundabout.


Colby (Concho) Crotzer, former City 

Council Member for eight years Shoosh Crotzer

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