The Bible Is Truth

I take umbrage with Willan Fritch’s letter, The Bible is not Truth (Vol. 3, Issue 17). That is opinion, not fact. It is truth for 2.5 billion Christians worldwide, including myself.

As a Marine in the 1960s, when I returned from Vietnam, I had no concern what my words and actions did to others. I only thought of myself. I married, and though never physically abusive, I would shut down and not communicate with my wife. We tried counseling.

In 1988, at age 40, a conversation with a military chaplain opened my eyes and heart to the Bible and Jesus Christ. I was not coerced nor obligated to listen, but his words made me realize there was something missing in my life. I began attending a Bible-based church, obtained a Bible, and began reading and studying it.

The truth the Bible showed me is that I am a sinner, but that I have forgiveness, redemption, and salvation through Jesus. My life changed for the better. I treat people differently. I have a new love for my wife. We recently celebrated 51 years of marriage.
The truth of the Bible made me a better person. It is a truth I will never doubt.
Adrian M. Hurtado PhD

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