Tour the Water Resources Center In Morro Bay

The initial public tour of the new Water Resources Facility in Morro Bay was amazing.  On this hillside setting, geologists, hydrologists and construction professionals have built a water-purifying factory that will provide clean water for generations to come.  Experts from the facility described in layman’s terms how dirty water can be made clean, eventually clean enough for all the things we need water for, including for our own consumption.

The people who worked to make this happen and those whose job it is to keep it running are very invested in their roles–obvious by the way they showed us the components and described the intricate, highly monitored processes, and by the way they entertained questions.  The facility was decked out to welcome visitors with activities and refreshments and especially by the orderly and informative tours.

The plant was put into operation in October and by January 9 the plant itself had already proved its value. It literally saved the city from public health and ecological disaster.  The old plant was inundated by stormwater, but the new facility processes worked as designed.  Estimates are that the city of Morro Bay would have been releasing untreated sewage directly into our ocean waters for a month or even longer.

The tour provides an opportunity to see first-hand what forward-thinking, competent leaders were able to bring to the city. Additional tours will be available due to citizen input and interest. School field trip tours will also be made possible.

Bob and Carol Swain

Morro Bay

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