Trump Should be Held Accountable for This!

In my 68 years I’ve never seen anything like this. Not once, but three times over the past month or so, I’ve sent my bills out by snail mail. Yes I know I am old school, but that is how I like doing it. In all three cases it took over nine days for my checks to get to their location, nine days, and some of them are in San Luis Obispo.

I did a small test and sent two letters to my sister in Arroyo Grande and both of them took over a week to get there.

With COVID-19, voting by mail is crucial and to undermine and dismantle the mailing system before this election should be reason alone for Trump to forfeit this election. Isn’t it is a felony to mess with the mail?

This is a cowardly action to cheat his way to get reelected. If the most important position in the world cannot be won fair and square, this is how we lose democracy in this country.
Jack Fillmore III
Los Osos

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